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Figure 2

From: Epidermal anti-Inflammatory properties of 5,11,14 20:3: Effects on mouse ear edema, PGE2 levels in cultured keratinocytes, and PPAR activation

Figure 2

Reduction in PGE 2 secretion of human keratinocytes following incubation with 5,11,14 20:3 ME DK2-NR keratinocytes were incubated for 6 d with 15 μM 20:4n-6 (control) or with 2 d 15 μM 20:4n-6 plus 4 d of 15–200 μM 5,11,14 20:3. In all experiments, 10 ng/mLTPA was also added. Values represent mean of 3 replicates. Error bars represent 1 SD.

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