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Table 2 Alignment of the NH2-terminal sequence of scorpion chymotrypsin-like protease with putative peptidases from Drosophila yakuba (MER142281), Drosophila erecta (MER144486), Drosophila simulans (MER136917), Trichoplusia ni (MER079404), Tribolium castaneum (MER169092) and Anopheles gambiae (MER021291) found in the MEROPS Database at

From: A new chymotrypsin-like serine protease involved in dietary protein digestion in a primitive animal, Scorpio maurus: purification and biochemical characterization

Potease origin Access number NH2-Terminal sequence Identity (%)
Scorpio maurus This study V EF GRY FR LSEINQFLE SLAVTYP EHV I -
Drosophila yakuba MER142281 ----RY YSHEEINQFIE DLAV KYP RRV- 60%
Drosophila erecta MER144486 ----RY YSHEEINQFIE DLA RKYP QRV- 56%
Drosophila simulans MER136917 ----RY YNHEEINQF IE DLA REHP---- 55%
Trichoplusia ni MER079404 IGFETYYR HDEIN DYL DELA ATYP DLV- 48%
Tribolium castaneum MER169092 IAF DHY LR HSEIN NYL DQLA QNYP NIV- 48%
Anopheles gambiae MER021291 V DF EHFWTNAE VN AYL DELA QTYP NLV- 40%
  1. Residues in bold indicate the identical amino acids.