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Table 1 Potential action of the Lp-PLA2 , according to studies with distinct design.

From: Antioxidant and inflammatory aspects of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 (Lp-PLA2 ): a review

Study design Action Reference
Experimental Cells ROS protection. [33]
Experimental ↓ bioactivity phospholipids in oxLDL [37]
Experimental ↓ oxidized phospholipids in mildly oxLDL [38]
Case/Control ≈ Oxidized phospholipids and anti-Lp-PLA2 [41]
Case/Control ↓ HDL oxidation, foam cell and autoantibodies titers. [42]
Case/Control ↓ HDL-Lp-PLA2 activity [25]
Case/Control ↓ HDL-Lp-PLA2 activity [60]
Case/Control ↑ LDL-Lp-PLA2 to HDL-Lp-PLA2 ratio [31]
Case/Control ↓ HDL-Lp-PLA2 and ↑ of LDL-Lp-PLA2 [56]
Case/Control ≈ Lp-PLA2 activity [55]
Case/Control ↑ Lp-PLA2 activity [61]
Cohort ↑ Lp-PLA2 activity in CHD mortality [62]
Case/Control ↑ Lp-PLA2 activity [63]
Cohort Predictor of cardiovascular outcomes [4]
Cohort Lp-PLA2 correlated with cardiovascular risk factors [64]
Cohort Lp-PLA2 activity associated with MS and CVD [5]
Cohort Lp-PLA2 mass and activity associated with CVD [65]
Cohort ↑ Lp-PLA2 activity associated with CVD [6]
Meta-analysis Lp-PLA2 mass and activity associated vascular risk [66]
  1. CVD: Cardiovascular Disease; CHD: Coronary Heart Disease; PAD: Peripheral Arterial Disease; ROS: Reactive Oxygen Species, MS: Metabolic Syndrome