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Table 3 Odds Ratios for CHD according to APOC3 genotypes in the study population

From: Lack of association between apolipoprotein C3 gene polymorphisms and risk of coronary heart disease in a Han population in East China

  Unadjusted Model adjusted Model
APOC3 genotypes Odds Ratio (95%CI) P value Odds Ratio (95%CI) P value
-455TT 1   1  
-455TC (-455TT as reference) 1.00 (0.66-1.51) 0.98 1.6 (0.20-6.81) 0.16
-455CC (-455TT as reference) 1.06(0.61-1.88) 0.82 5.67 (0.27-18.74) 0.26
-482CC 1   1  
-482CT (-482CC as reference) 1.00 (0.66-1.51) 1.00 0.87 (0.12-6.25) 0.89
-482TT (-482CC as reference) 1.06 (0.60-1.87) 0.85 0.75 (0.20-2.73) 0.55
  1. By multiple logistic regression analysis, The multiple logistic-regression model was adjusted for age, gender, presence of hypertension, T2DM, drinking, smoking and all listed lipid leveles. CI, confidence interval. P values were for the overall comparison among subjects with a given polymorphism and were calculated by chi-square analysis.