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Table 1 Effect of increasing doses of atorvastatin on serum PCSK9 levels

From: Effects of currently prescribed LDL-C-lowering drugs on PCSK9 and implications for the next generation of LDL-C-lowering agents

Atorvastatin Dose (mg/day) Duration of treatment (weeks) Increase in serum PCSK9 levels (%) Author and study (reference)
10 6 14 Costet et al. [52]
40 12 34 Careskey et al. [48]
80 16 47 Welder et al. [51]
  1. These results summarize the available data regarding the effect of atorvastatin on human serum PCSK9 levels in controlled clinical trials in which endpoint PCSK9 levels could be compared to baseline levels. Treatment with increasing doses of atorvastatin resulted in dose-dependent increases in the levels of circulating PCSK9 protein.