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Table 3 Differences between post-prandial and post-fasting states

From: Post - prandial rise of microvesicles in peripheral blood of healthy human donors

  average differences between post - prandial and post - fasting States p (t-test) P
MVs 0.37 (52%) 0.01* 0.68
Chol 0.09 mmo/L (2%) 0.93  
Glu -0.31 mmol/L (-6%) 0.01* 0.74
Tgl 0.11 mmol/L (11%) 0.12  
HDL-C 0.02 mmol/L (1%) 0.24  
LDL-C -0.06 mmol/L (-2%) 0.08  
  1. Differences between the average values of the number of microvesicles between the post -prandial and the post - fasting states, and the respective differences between the average concentrations of total cholesterol (Chol), glucose (Glu), triglycerides (Tgl), HDL-C and LDL-C, the corresponding percentages with respect to the average values (in brackets), statistical significance of the differences (p) and the corresponding statistical power (P). Statistically significant correlations (p < 0.05) are marked by asterisks.