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Figure 1

From: Biochemical properties of pancreatic colipase from the common stingray Dasyatis pastinaca

Figure 1

SDS-PAGE (15%) and Immunoblot analysis of CoSPL. (A) Analysis of purified of pure CoSPL by SDS-PAGE (15%). Lane 1, molecular mass markers (Pharmacia); Lane 2, CoSPL solution (20 μg) obtained after Mono S chromatography; lane 3, purified CoSPL (15 μg) obtained after Mono Q chromatography. The gel was stained with Coomassie blue. (B) Immunoblot analysis, pure CoOPL (15 μg) (lane 1), CoTPL (15 μg) (lane 2), CoCPL (15 μg) (lane 3), CoDrPL (30 μg ) and CoSPL (30 μg) (lane 5) using anti-CoOPL serum at 1:500 dilution.

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