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Figure 2 | Lipids in Health and Disease

Figure 2

From: Restoration of dietary-fat induced blood–brain barrier dysfunction by anti-inflammatory lipid-modulating agents

Figure 2

3-D immunofluorescent staining of cerebral IgG in mice randomised to diet + drug for 2 weeks. Parenchymal leakage of IgG (green) is observed surrounding the cerebral microvessels. Nuclei are shown in blue. The 3D images are from mice fed low-fat (LF), saturated-fatty acids (SFA) and SFA mice randomised to drug diets containing atorvastatin (LF + At, SFA + At), pravastatin (LF + Pr, SFA + Pr) and ibuprofen (LF + Ib, SFA + Ib) for 2 weeks. Scale: 1 unit = 42.7 μ m.

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