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Figure 2 | Lipids in Health and Disease

Figure 2

From: Phenolic-glycolipid-1 and lipoarabinomannan preferentially modulate TCR- and CD28-triggered proximal biochemical events, leading to T-cell unresponsiveness in mycobacterial diseases

Figure 2

Mycobacterial lipid antigens diminish increases in [Ca2+]i. The recordings show 340/380 ratiometric curves, indicating changes in [Ca2+]i. The test molecules were added into cuvette during real-time recordings (A-F). The cells were also pretreated with Man-LAM and PGL-1 and the effect of CD3 (A and B) and Tg (C and D) was assessed. The CFCR protocol was used to study the calcium influx, evoked by the addition of TG after Man-LAM (E) or PGL-1 (F) treatment. Representative curves of three independent experiments are presented here and values derived are shown as mean ± SEM in histograms (G and H).

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