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Figure 4 | Lipids in Health and Disease

Figure 4

From: Phenolic-glycolipid-1 and lipoarabinomannan preferentially modulate TCR- and CD28-triggered proximal biochemical events, leading to T-cell unresponsiveness in mycobacterial diseases

Figure 4

Man-LAM and PGL-1 inhibit TCR- and TCR/CD28-induced phosphorylation of Erk1/2 and p38MAPkinase. (A): Untreated or antigen pretreated Jurkat T-cells were stimulated with α-CD3 or α-CD3 + α-CD28 antibodies, and immunoblots were performed as described in Material and Methods. Membranes were stripped and reprobed with anti-β-actin antibody to confirm equal loading. Lane 1- Control, 2- α-CD3 stimulated, 3- α-CD3 stimulated in presence of Man-LAM, 4- α-CD3 stimulated in presence of PGL-1, 5- Control, 6- α-CD3 + α-CD28 stimulated, 7- α-CD3 + α-CD28 stimulated in presence of Man-LAM, 8- α-CD3 + α-CD28 stimulated in presence of PGL-1. (B): Normalised band intensities of p38MAPkinase phosphorylation (C): Normalised band intensities of Erk1/2phosphorylation. Histograms represent mean ± SEM values of band intensities of 3 experiments reproduced at least 3 times independently.

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