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Figure 7

From: Phenolic-glycolipid-1 and lipoarabinomannan preferentially modulate TCR- and CD28-triggered proximal biochemical events, leading to T-cell unresponsiveness in mycobacterial diseases

Figure 7

Mycobacterial lipid antigens inhibit TCR/CD28 stimulated IL-2Rα (CD25 expression. Flowcytometric analysis showing histogram overlay of CD25 receptor of untreated or antigen pretreated Jurkat T-cells stimulated with α-CD3 + α-CD28 antibodies. Histograms are representative plots of experiments repeated at least 3 times independently. Here solid bold curve represent expression on α-CD3 + α-CD28 stimulation while dotted bold lines represent expression on stimulation with α-CD3 + α-CD28 plus antigens and shaded histogram shows expression by unstimulated cells. Bar diagrams represent mean ± SEM values of percent positive cells expressing CD25.

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