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Table 1 Average Body weight changes in control and experimental rats

From: Comparative evaluation of flavone from Mucuna pruriens and coumarin from Ionidium suffruticosum for hypolipidemic activity in rats fed with high Fat diet

Groups Initial Weight (g) Final Weight (g) Average Body weight gain (g)
Group I 137.34±0.47bNS 156.66±2.47b* 19.32±2.39b*
Group II 136.33±0.42aNS 198.64±2.58a* 62.31±1.90a*
Group III 136.71±0.41aNS,bNS 162.33±2.16aNS,b** 25.62±2.54aNS, b*
Group IV 136.57±0.53aNS,bNS 161.26±1.38aNS,b* 24.69±3.28aNS,b*
Group V 137.55±0.74aNS,bNS 161.51±1.74aNS,b* 23.96±3.39 aNS,b*
  1. Values are expressed as mean ± SE (n=6 rats); P values: *<0.001, **<0.05; NS: Non significant; a → group I compared with groups II, III, IV& V; b → group II compared with groups III, IV& V; Group I : Standard chow diet (Control); Group II : High Fat Diet (Negative Control); Group III : HFD + Flavone (M.pruriens) (10mg/kg b.wt); Group IV : HFD+Coumarin (I. suffruticosum) (10mg/kg b.wt); Group V : HFD + Atorvastatin (1.2 mg/kg b.wt) (Positive Control).