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Table 5 IC50 activities of tyrosol and its acyl chain derivatives against L. major and L. infantum parasite species evaluated by the MTT assay

From: Synthesis of lipophilic tyrosyl esters derivatives and assessment of their antimicrobial and antileishmania activities

Compounds Ty TyC2 TyC3 TyC8 TyC10 TyC12 TyC16 TyC18 TyC18:1
IC50 (μg/ml)
L. major
ND ND ND 38.09 19.21 60.34 ND ND ND
IC50 (μg/ml)
L. infantum
ND ND ND 62.8 38.73 157.6 ND ND ND
  1. * ND: Without effect up to 400 μg/ml