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Table 4 Cholesterol: Phospholipid ratios in the plasma, HDL, LDL-VLDL, erythrocyte and erythrocyte ghost of the animals

From: Tissue dyslipidemia in salmonella-infected rats treated with amoxillin and pefloxacin

  Normal control Infection control Infected+ pefloxacin day 5 Infected+ pefloxacin day 10 Infected + pefloxacin day 15 Infected+ amoxillin day 5 Infected+ amoxillin day 10 Infected + amoxillin day 15
Plasma 0.87±0.16a 1.02±0.34b 0.69±0.10a 0.87±0.15a 0.72±0.04a 0.56±0.11a 0.70±0.10a 1.62±0.60c
HDL 0.57±0.04a 0.79±0.03d 0.38±0.09b 0.52±0.12c 0.43±0.06b 0.25±0.07b 0.66±0.14c 0.50±0.07c
LDL-VLDL 0.30±0.03a 0.51±0.06c 0.31±0.09a 0.42±0.07b 0.36±0.05b 0.41±0.06b 0.38±0.040b 0.41±0.03b
Erythrocyte 0.78±0.10a 0.71±0.12a 0.77±0.08a 0.39±0.02b 0.74±0.07a 0.75±0.15a 0.49±0.08b 1.53±0.50c
Erythrocyte ghost 0.89±0.04a 0.54±0.07b 0.68±0.02b 0.52±0.02b 0.48±0.01b 0.53±0.04b 0.51±0.02b 0.49±0.01b
  1. Each value represents the mean ± S.E.M of 5 rats. Values within the same row with different superscripts are significantly different at p<0.05.