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Table 7 The estimated LC values and confidence limits of toxicity on shrimps using the linamarin samples extracted from RSO h , RSO chl+mth , RSO eth , RS, palm oil and NaCN

From: Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) seed oil toxicity effect and Linamarin compound analysis

Point Exposure conc. of RSOh (mg/L) Exposure conc. of RSOchl+mth (mg/L) Exposure conc. of RSOeth (mg/L) Exposure conc. of RS (mg/L) Exposure conc. of palm oil (mg/L) Exposure conc. of cyanide (mg/L)
LC 10.00 90.86 80.63 77.33 8.75 80.63 0.06
LC 50.00 211.70 139.40 117.41 40.59 139.40 0.63
LC 90.00 493.22 241.03 178.26 188.33 241.03 6.49
  1. Note: RSOh: RSO was extracted using hexane as solvent, RSOch+mth: RSO was extracted using mixture of chloroform and methanol as solvent, RSOeth: RSO was extracted using ethanol as solvent, RS: RS extracted using water as solvent.