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Table 3 Antioxidant enzymes of blood serum of broiler birds fed on different levels of extruded flaxseed through feed

From: Impact of extruded flaxseed meal supplemented diet on growth performance, oxidative stability and quality of broiler meat and meat products

Treatments SOD (50% Pyrogyllol auto-oxidation/min/mg) CAT (mmol of H2O2 decomposed/min/mg) GSH-Px activity (nmol NADPH/min/mg Protein) Glutathione reductase (u/g protein)
T 0 2.80±0.06d 36.38±0.88d 2.33±0.06c 3.93±0.06c
T 1 2.99±0.01c 38.75±1.04c 2.45±0.05c 4.07±0.05b
T 2 3.09±0.03b 42.46±0.82b 2.93±0.04b 4.26±0.04a
T 3 3.22±0.03a 45.42±0.88a 3.23±0.09a 4.33±0.06a
  1. Values are mean of three replicates ± SD. Means followed by different letters are significant different (p<0.05).