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Table 5 Hepatic transcript abundance in LZR and OZR rats fed CON, FLAX, FISH, or SDA diets for 12 weeks

From: Effect of stearidonic acid-enriched soybean oil on fatty acid profile and metabolic parameters in lean and obese Zucker rats

Gene symbol Gene name Ref. Seq. # Lean Obese
Scd1 Stearoyl coenzyme A desaturase 1 NM_139192 1.58a 1.25a 0.43a 8.80b 10.10b 1.49a 7.27b
Fads1 Fatty acid desaturase 1 (Δ5 desaturase) NM_053445 4.92b 2.14a 0.95a 3.49b 3.58b 3.03ab 2.43ab
Fads2 Fatty acid desaturase 2 (Δ6 desaturase) NM_031344 3.44b 2.20a 1.01a 3.86b 4.54c 3.57b 3.62b
Elovl5 Elongation of very long chain fatty acids 5 NM_134382 4.41b 1.81a 0.96a 2.81ab 4.23b 2.28a 2.12a
Elovl6 Elongation of very long chain fatty acids 6 NM_134383 1.94b 0.75a 0.45a 17.39c 50.01d 11.17c 22.84c
Acox1 Acyl coenzyme A oxidase 1 NM_017340 1.54a 1.48a 2.23ab 1.64a 2.22ab 2.45b 2.54b
PPARα Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor α NM_013196 2.38a 1.04a 1.00a 4.14b 4.81b 4.56b 3.94b
  1. Data are expressed as fold change relative to LZR rats fed control diet. Letters represent significance difference among treatments groups as determined by comparison of normalized Ct values (target Ct - housekeeping Ct) with paired t test.