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Table 3 Free radical scavenging activity (DPPH) (%) in broiler breast and leg meat

From: Wheat germ oil enrichment in broiler feed with α-lipoic acid to enhance the antioxidant potential and lipid stability of meat

Treatments Breast meat Leg meat
  2010 2011 Means 2010 2011 Mean
T 1 (control) 75.39±0.9 75.88±1.1 75.63±1.3f 74.11±1.4g 75.17±1.6f 74.64±1.1f
T 2 (NAT) 82.56±1.2 81.75±1.5 82.15±1.4c 81.55±1.6c 81.19±1.8c 81.37±1.5c
T 3 (SAT) 79.32±1.1 78.71±1.3 79.01±1.3e 78.59±1.8e 79.55±1.4d 79.07±1.3e
T 4 (ALA) 80.85±1.4 80.14±1.7 80.50±1.6d 80.11±1.6d 80.25±1.3d 80.18±1.8d
T 5 (ALA+NAT) 85.28±1.6 84.84±1.5 85.06±1.6a 85.09±1.7a 84.27±1.9a 84.68±1.6a
T 6 (ALA+SAT) 83.23±1.4 82.96±1.9 83.10±1.5b 82.95±1.1b 82.40±1.6b 82.68±1.3b
Means 81.10±1.8a 80.71±1.7a   80.40±1.5a 80.47±1.8a  
  1. Values are mean ±S.D of three independent measurements.
  2. Means sharing similar letter in a row or in a column are statistically non-significant (P>0.05).
  3. NAT= Natural α-tocopherol, SAT= Synthetic α-tocopherol, ALA= α-Lipoic acid.