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Figure 5

From: Microarray analysis provides new insights into the function of apolipoprotein O in HepG2 cell line

Figure 5

Differentially expressed genes and verification. A. Hierarchical clustering of differentially expressed genes in the negative control group vs. the interference group. The rows show individual genes, while the columns show individual tissue samples. Red denotes high expression and blue denotes low expression. B. Comparison of the expression levels of genes as fold-changes between the negative control group and the apoO-silenced group by microarray analysis and qRT-PCR. Assays were performed from each RNA sample in triplicate. Data were normalized using GAPDH as an endogenous control for RNA input. Fold-changes for these microRNAs from the microarray and qRT-PCR are shown as means ± S.E.M. (n = 6 for each group).

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