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Table 1 Food supplement intake

From: Lipid-lowering effect of maize-based traditional Mexican food on a metabolic syndrome model in rats

Week 8 12 16 20 24
Tortilla M(SD) 16.93(4.77) 14.59(4.89) 10.52(5.47) 12.57(4.88) 10.37(5.97)
Pozol M(SD) 12.16(5.81) 13.58(6.02) 12.4(5.1) 12.7(5.12) 15.91(6.97)
  1. The animal consumption of maize pozol and maize tortilla for four hours every day is presented. The result of substracting the left-over food from the food provided daily. The average in grams of one day’s intake in the corresponding week is shown. M = medium, SD = standard deviation. The rest of the day they were fed ad libitum with 2018S Teklad Global 18% (Harlam Laboratories®, USA). The animals of the “control” groups and “metabolic syndrome” daily received the food ad libitum.