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Figure 1

From: Elucidation of mechanisms of actions of thymoquinone-enriched methanolic and volatile oil extracts from Nigella sativa against cardiovascular risk parameters in experimental hyperlipidemia

Figure 1

Protective effects of ME and VO extracts of NS oil on plasma TG, TC, non-HDL-C (TC-HDL-C), VLD-C, LDL-C, HDL-C, HDL 2 -C and HDL 3 -C subfractions. NLP-C, normolipidemic control fed 1 ml saline/rat/day; HLP-C, hyperlipidemic control given 1 ml of saline before the feeding of 1 ml suspension containing 5 mg cholesterol, 30 mg coconut oil and 2.5 mg cholic acid/rat/day; whereas rats in HLP-ME and HLP-VO were fed 1 ml of 100 mg ME or 20 mg VO, prior to administration of 1 ml of the above atherogenic suspension/rat/day for 30 days. Each value represents mean ± SD from pooled plasma samples in each group. The values of HLP-C control groups were statistically significant from NLP-C groups (p < 0.05), the values of treated groups were significantly different from HLP-C groups (p < 0.05), and the values between the treated groups were also significant (p < 0.05).

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