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Table 1 GLUT4 genetic sequence and based typing

From: Association of glucose transporter 4 genetic Polymorphisms with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in Han Chinese general population: a cross-section study

SNPs LD Region Allele 1 freq Allele 2 freq The change of bases and flank sequence of variable sites dbSNP ID
573C/T   promoter 0.72 0.23 TGTCGCGGAC[C/T]CTTTAAGGCG rs5415
9A/C a Exon 1 0.35 0.65 CCCGCTCCAC[A/C]AGATCCGCGG rs5417
A/G a Exon 1 0.35 0.65 TGCTCTCCGG[A/G]TCCTTGGCTT rs5418
2070C/T   Exon 4 0.64 0.36 GCCTGGCCAA[C/T]GCTGCTGCCT rs5435