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Table 2 Level of irisin in other pathological condistions

From: Irisin: a new molecular marker and target in metabolic disorder

Pathological conditions Level of irisin Reference
Newly diagnosed T2DM Decrease Choi et al. [11] Xiang et al. [21] Kurdiova et al. [22]
Long-term T2DM Decrease Liu et al. [6] Moreno-Navarrete et al. [10] Zhang et al. [23]
GDM Decrease Yuksel et al. [24] Kuzmicki et al. [25]
No difference Ebert et al. [26]
MetS Increase Hee et al. [16]
Decrease Yan et al. [17]
NAFLD Decrease Zhang et al. [34] Polyzos et al. [35]
Increase Choi et al. [36]
PCOS Increase Chang et al. [37]
CKD Decrease Liu et al. [7] Wen et al. [38] Ebert et al. [39]