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Figure 6

From: Arachidonoyl-Phospholipid Remodeling in Proliferating Murine T Cells

Figure 6

A comparison of the content of diacyl- and ether-lipids within PC and PE species of proliferating and unstimulated T cells. Splenic T cells pooled from 4 mice, previously cultured as above for 48 hours with (open bars) or without (closed bars) anti-CD3 mAb, were harvested and PC and PE species were resolved by TLC. Phospholipids were further separated into diacyl-, 1-alkyl-2-acyl- and 1-alk-1'enyl-2-acyl-diaglycerides and the content of diacyl- and ether-lipids was quantified by elemental phosphorous measurement. Data are the mean and standard error of three experiments.

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