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Table 1 Number of up- and down-regulated probes that differentiated each treatment group from all other groups. Trends in regulation for probes differentiating treatment groups. The smallest set of probes (a subset of probes described in Fig. 1) differentiating each group (FUNG, FISH, COMB) from all others at P < 0.001 was determined with set intersection analysis. There is one row for each set of differentiating probes. Columns show numbers of genes in the list, up (+) and down (-) regulated. Almost all differentiating genes were down-regulated in pair wise comparisons.

From: How dietary arachidonic- and docosahexaenoic- acid rich oils differentially affect the murine hepatic transcriptome

   Group vs.:
GROUP # Differentiating Genes CONT FUNG FISH COMB
FUNG 20 +0/-20   +0/-20 +0/-20
FISH 27 +5/-22 +6/-21   +5/-22
COMB 44 +1/-43 +2/-42 +1/-43