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Table 1 In vivo Angptl4 expression in adipose tissues

From: Is oxygen a key factor in the lipodystrophy phenotype?

origin of adipose tissues n expression levels
Abdo s/s cut 9 -
Abdo omental 3 +++
Mammary 10 -
Pheochromocytoma 3 +++
Lipo-hypertrophic zone of LD 3 +++
  1. Adipose tissue immunostaining was performed on subcutaneous abdominal (Abdo s/s cut), intraperitoneal (Abdo omental) or mammary adipose tissues, on fat depots around area of pheochromocytoma tumor (Pheochromcytoma) and lipo-hypertrophic zone of lipodystrophic treated HIV-patients. (n) indicates the number of different samples tested. Expression levels are indicated by + signs.