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Table 1 A summary of the gene ontology data with respect to molecular function is given here. Changes in the expression of genes concerned with biological processes and cellular components are given in the text.

From: Gene expression profile in obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus

S. No Comparison Up regulated genes Down regulated genes
1 DPH vs H NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone)
Glutamate dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+] CDP-diacylglycerol-glycerol-3-phosphate-3-hosphitidltransferase
Protein kinase B binding
Acyl-CoA oxidase
Phosphatidylinositol transporter
2 DNPH1 vs H Hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase
NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone)
GABA-B receptor Glutamate dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+] CDP-diacylglycerol-glycerol-3-phosphate-3-phosphatidyl transferase
MHC class II receptor
Structural constituent of ribosome
Hsp 70 protein binding
L-tyrosine transporter Cyclin binding Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase
3 DNPH2 vs H Asparaginase activity
Creatine: sodium symporter
Phosphomannomutase activity
Glutamate dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+] basic amino acid transporter
Adenylosuccinate synthase
Structural constituent of ribosome
MHC class II receptor
MHC class I receptor
L-tyrosine transporter
N-acylmannosamine kinase
4 O vs H Deformylase
NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) Glutamate dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+] Phosphomannomutase
Carboxylic ester hydrolase
Glutamate decarboxylase Mannosyltransferase
Transforming growth factor beta binding
Glycolipid transporter activity Glycolipid binding
5 DPH vs O Glycolipid transporter
Calmodulin inhibitor
Glycolipid binding
Interleukin-22 receptor
Oxygen transporter
Antigen binding
Lactate dehydrogenase
Glyoxylate reductase (NADP) activity
25-hydroxycholecalciferol-24-hydroxylase activity
Glycerate dehydrogenase
Ubiquinol-cytochrome-c reductase
Amylo-alpha-1, 6 Glucosidase
Interleukin-8 receptor activity
6 DPH and O NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) Glutamate dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+] Transposase
Guanylate cyclase inhibitor
Hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase Structural constituent of Ribosome
NADP binding, and histone deacetylase
7 O vs HO Transforming growth factor beta binding
Sodium: amino acid symporter
Adenosylhomocysteinase Transferase
Transferring acyl groups
Caspase activator
NAD(P)H oxidase
Steroid 21-monooxygenase
Malate dehydrogenase (oxaloacetate-decarboxylating) (NADP+)
Glutamate decarboxylase
Creatine: sodium symporter activity
Glycolipid transporter
Glycolipid binding, 3-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase Leukemia inhibitory factor receptor Superoxide-generating NADPH oxidase
Chemokine receptor
Interleukin-22 receptor
8 DPH vs DNPH1 MHC class II receptor
Gamma-aminobutyric acid: hydrogen symporter
chemokine receptor Interleukin-4 receptor Interleukin-7 receptor Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase
Complement receptor
Ammonia ligase
4-alpha-glucanotransferase Choline: sodium symporter Interleukin-8 receptor
9 DPH vs DNPH2 Structural constituent of ribosome
MHC class II receptor
NAD(P)H oxidase
Receptor signaling protein tyrosine kinase