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Table 2 Energy and macronutrient content of standard diets

From: Prior exercise does not affect chylomicron particle number following a mixed meal of moderate fat content

  Control Exercise
Energy Intake (kJ) 7872 (517) 7931 (527)
Carbohydrate Intake (g) 266 (13) 271 (14)
Protein Intake (g) 87.5 (5.1) 87.6 (5.1)
Total Fat Intake (g) 52.5 (6.1) 53.2 (6.2)
Saturated Fat Intake (g) 23.3 (2.3) 23.6 (2.3)
  1. Shown are means and standard errors (in brackets) of the daily energy and macronutrient content of the standard diets consumed for the control and exercise trials. No significant differences were found between the diets.