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Figure 4

From: Role of LOX-1 and ROS in oxidized low-density lipoprotein induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition of NRK52E

Figure 4

Changes in the E-cadherin expression. Within the range of 0-100 μg/ml, the ox-LDL decrease the expression of E-cadherin in tubular epithelial cells in a dose-dependent manner, while the LOX-1 inhibitors including poly I and carrageenan and the antioxidant NAC reverse the decrease of E-cadherin expression induced by ox-LDL in NRK52E cells. Note: 1: 0 μg/ml ox-LDL; 2: 25 μg/ml ox-LDL; 3: 50 μg/ml ox-LDL; 4: 100 μg/ml ox-LDL; 5: poly I + 50 μg/ml ox-LDL; 6: carrageenan + 50 μg/ml ox-LDL; 7: NAC + 50 μg/ml ox-LDL; compared with the 0 μg/ml ox-LDL group, aP < 0.05; compared with the 50 μg/ml ox-LDL group, bP < 0.05.

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