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Figure 4

From: Simvastatin impairs murine melanoma growth

Figure 4

Effect of high daily doses of simvastatin on tumor growth and survival rate of B16F10 tumor bearing mice. C57Bl6J mice were implanted with 5·104 B16 melanoma cells subcutaneously injected in dorsal region of B57CL/6 mice (8 mice per group). After the tumors had reached approximately 4 mm in diameter (10 days) the daily treatment were started for 10 days. A) Perpendicular tumor diameters were measured daily to estimate tumor volume. Controls were saline solution in the same schedule. P values were calculated by using the Student's t test and are indicated by p when significantly different from controls (P < 0.05). B) Percent B16 melanoma bearing mice survival in response to the treatment as a function of time. The survival rates were calculated daily and the experiment was terminated when all the mice of control group died (at day 28). Survival rate data were analyzed by Kaplan-Meyer curves.

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