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Table 2 Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the Stearoyl-CoA desaturase (Scd-1) gene in four ethnic populations

From: Genetic variation in lipid desaturases and its impact on the development of human disease

rs2060792 rs2060792 rs2060792  
  rs7088953   rs7088953
rs17669878 rs17669878 rs17669878 rs17669878
rs11190478 rs11190478 rs11190478 rs11190478
rs735877 rs735877 rs735877 rs735877
rs11599710 rs11599710 rs11599710 rs11599710
rs670213 rs670213 rs670213 rs670213
  rs640773 rs640773 rs640773
  rs639060 rs639060 rs639060
rs1502593 rs1502593 rs1502593 rs1502593
  rs612472 rs612472 rs612472
  rs529271 rs529271 rs529271
rs522951 rs522951 rs522951 rs522951
  rs681278 rs681278 rs681278
rs11190480 rs11190480 rs11190480 rs11190480
rs11190483 rs11190483 rs11190483  
rs3870747 rs3870747 rs3870747 rs3870747
rs3071 rs3071 rs3071  
rs3829160 rs3829160 rs3829160  
rs3793766 rs3793766 rs3793766 rs3793766
rs3793767 rs3793767 rs3793767 rs3793767
rs3793768 rs3793768 rs3793768 rs3793768
rs2234970 rs2234970 rs2234970 rs2234970
  rs599961 rs599961 rs599961
rs3978768 rs3978768 rs3978768  
rs11557927 rs11557927 rs11557927 rs11557927
rs10883465 rs10883465 rs10883465 rs10883465
rs7849 rs7849 rs7849 rs7849
  rs560792 rs560792 rs560792
rs508384 rs508384 rs508384 rs508384
  rs539480 rs539480  
rs1393491 rs1393491 rs1393491 rs1393491
rs1393492 rs1393492 rs1393492 rs1393492
rs490726 rs490726 rs490726  
rs569910 rs569910 rs569910 rs569910
  rs570844 rs570844 rs570844
  rs608622 rs608622 rs608622
  1. This table highlights the ethnic differences in Scd-1 gene variation, using data from the International HapMap Project database (HapMap Data Rel/24phaseII Nov08, on NCBI B36 assembly, dbSNP b126). Data from the 4 populations was extracted: 1) CEU: CEPH- Utah residents with European ancestry, 2) CHB: Han Chinese in Beijing, China, 3) JPT: Japanese in Tokyo, Japan, and 4) YRI: Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria. Tag SNPs (tSNPs; in bold font) were consistently selected with Haploview software V4.1 using a minor allele frequency (MAF) > 5% and r2≥0.8.