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Table 1 Effects of regular aerobic physical activity1

From: Gene activation regresses atherosclerosis, promotes health, and enhances longevity

   Receptors LXRα, PPARγ SR-B1, LDLR, CD36
   Enzymes CYPs, LCAT, PON1
   Transporters ABCA1, ABCG1, Apo AI
Change in risk factor  
   Increase Apo AI, HDL-C, HDL2-C
   Decrease LDL-C, cholesterol, triglycerides
Improvement cellular cholesterol efflux
  peak pulmonary oxygen uptake
  glucose - insulin homeostasis
  weight control
  psychological wellbeing
Lowering blood pressure
Decrease CHD, cardiovascular, cancer and total mortality
  1. 1 The list of abbreviations precedes the reference list.