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Table 2 Effects of an apoE4 genotype on hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and outcome in humans

From: Apolipoprotein E genotype and hepatitis C, HIV and herpes simplex disease risk: a literature review

Reference Subjects and profile Parameter Outcome
Wozniak et al. 2002 [48] 156 HCV patients: 111 chronically infected and 45 with cleared infection, and 104 non-HCV infected patients - risk of HCV infection
- risk of severe liver disease caused by chronic HCV infection
- risk of non-HCV associated liver diseases and extent of disease
ε2 = ε3 = ε4
non-ε4 > ε4
ε2 = ε3 = ε4
Mueller et al. 2003
506 chronically infected HCV patients response to antiviral treatment of HCV infection non-ε4 > ε4
Price et al. 2006 [53] 420 Caucasian HCV patients: 312 chronically infected and 108 with cleared infection, and 288 healthy controls risk of chronic HCV infection ε3 > ε4 > ε2
Mueller et al. 2007
701 HCV patients chronically infected, 523 healthy controls, and 283 patients with non-HCV associated liver diseases - risk of chronic HCV infection
- risk of severe non-HCV associated liver disease
non-ε4 > ε4
ε4 = non- ε4
  1. HCV: hepatitis C virus