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Table 3 Effects of apoE4 genotype on HIV course of disease and HIV-associated dementia in humans

From: Apolipoprotein E genotype and hepatitis C, HIV and herpes simplex disease risk: a literature review

Reference Subjects and profile Parameter Outcome
Corder et al. 1998
44 HIV infected patients - risk of HIV-associated dementia
- risk of peripheral neuropathy in HIV infection
ε4 > non-ε4
ε4 > non-ε4
Dunlop et al. 1997
132 AIDS patients and postmortem samples of hippocampus risk of HIV-associated dementia and encephalitis ε2 = ε3 = ε4
Burt et al. 2008
1,267 HIV-positive patients and 1,132 healthy controls - risk of acquiring HIV infection
- acceleration of HIV disease progression
- increase of steady-state viral load
- risk of HIV-associated dementia
ε2 = ε3 = ε4
ε4/ε4 > ε3/non-ε3 and ε3/ε3
ε4/ε4 > ε4/non-ε4 > non-ε4/non-ε4
ε4 = non-ε4
Valcour et al. 2004 [80] 222 HIV-positive patients of the Hawaii Aging with HIV Cohort - ε4 allele frequency
- risk of HIV-associated dementia
younger cohort > older cohort
ε4 > non-ε4 within the older cohort
  1. AIDS: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, HIV: human immunodeficiency virus