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Figure 4

From: The Δ4-desaturation pathway for DHA biosynthesis is operative in the human species: Differences between normal controls and children with the Zellweger syndrome

Figure 4

Omega-6 individual effects of transfection with Δ4-desaturase on controls and children with the Zellweger syndrome. This figure shows the significant increases in the 22:5ω6/22:4ω6 ratio in all the children transfected with the Δ4-desaturase vector. As can be seen, the ratio increases clearly in all the cases (p value lower than 0.0001 by paired t-tests). Again, the slope is higher in the ZS patients, who start with lower ratios than the controls. Here too, the ZS patients show a greater variability in the ratio, although the statistical significance remains extremely high.

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