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Table 1 Standard levels of ADME descriptors from Accelrys Discovery studio 2.5

From: Bioactivity guided fractionation and hypolipidemic property of a novel HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor from Ficus virens Ait

Level Aqueous Solubility Intensity Intestinal Absorption Intensity BBBaIntensity PPBb% of binding CYP450cValue Hepatotoxicity
0 Extremely low Good Very high <90% Non inhibitor Extremely low
1 No, very low Moderate High >90% Inhibitor  
2 Yes, low Low Medium >95%   
3 Yes, good Very low Low    
4 Yes, optimal Undefined Undefined    
5 No, too soluble      
6 Unknown      
  1. BBBa=Blood Brain Barrier, PPBb=Plasma Protein Binding, CYP450c=Cytochrome P450, Acceptable range of hydrogen bond acceptor=<10 and hydrogen bond donor=<5.