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Table 4 Beta coefficients for the association between hepatic fat and %small dense LDL particles

From: Amount of hepatic fat predicts cardiovascular risk independent of insulin resistance among Hispanic-American adolescents

Linear regression covariates * β (SEE) P value
LDL 0.308 (0.157) 0.038
LDL, Insulin resistance 0.330 (0.173) 0.043
LDL, Inflammatory indicators 0.355 (0.163) 0.023
LDL, Insulin resistance, Inflammatory indicators 0.362 (0.181) 0.035
LDL, Insulin resistance, Inflammatory indicators, 0.340 (0.186) 0.053
Sex, BMI z-score
  1. *Insulin resistance included plasma insulin, HOMA-IR, and adipo-IR; inflammatory indicators were ALT, hs-CRP. Data were log2 transformed when appropriate.