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Table 7 Plasma markers of hepatic and renal function in treated and untreated high carbohydrate high fat fed and type 2 diabetic rats

From: Tetrapleura tetraptera spice attenuates high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet-induced obese and type 2 diabetic rats with metabolic syndrome features

Groups AST(IU/L) ALT (IU/L) Urea (mmol/L) Creatinine (μmol/L)
NCD 122(119–126)bc 30.5(28–34)bc 5.65(4.60–6.2) 39.95(38.3–41.1)bc
HCHFD 150.5(146–154) ac 56.5(54–59)ac 6.4(5.8–6.6) 47.1(46.2–49) a
HCHFD200 132(129–136)abc 42(38–45)abc 5.75(5.5–6.2) 44.4(43.2–45.7) ac
DBC 162(159–166) ab 66(64–68)ab 6(5.6–7.4) 50.4(48.7–52.9) a
DB200 135(133–138)abc 41.5(39–44)abc 5.7(4.3–6.5) 45.7(44.6–46.9)ac
DB400 122.5(120–126)bc 32.5(31–36)bc 5.65(5.1–5.9) 39.05(36.4–40.3)bc
DBMET 129(126–134)bc 39.5(36–42)bc 5.4(4.5–5.8) 42.4(41.8–44.6)bc
  1. asignificant relative to normal control (p < 0.05). bsignificant compared with HCHFD (p < 0.05). csignificant compared with diabetic control (p < 0.05). (n = 6)