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Table 5 Lipids displaying a differential response according to fitness level during an OLTT

From: Modulation of the lipidomic profile due to a lipid challenge and fitness level: a postprandial study

60 min 120 min 180 min 240 min 300 min
N.C10.1.Cer N.C11.0.Cer LPC.a.C16.0 LPC.a.C16.0 LPC.a.C16.0
N.C19.1.Cer N.C11.0.OH.Cer.2H LPC.a.C18.0 LPC.a.C18.1 LPC.a.C18.0
N.C21.0.OH.Cer N.C12.0.OH.Cer LPC.a.C18.1 LPC.a.C20.4 LPC.a.C18.1
PC.aa.C32.2 N.C14.0.Cer LPC.a.C20.4 LPE.a.C20.4 LPC.a.C18.2
PG.aa.C36.3 N.C15.0.OH.Cer LPC.e.C18.0 LPE.a.C22.6 LPC.a.C20.4
SM.C21.1 N.C21.0.OH.Cer LPE.a.C16.0 N.C10.0.Cer LPC.e.C18.0
  N.C21.1.Cer LPE.a.C18.0 N.C14.0.Cer LPE.a.C18.0
  N.C25.0.Cer.2H LPE.a.C20.4 N.C14.0.OH.Cer LPE.a.C20.4
  N.C27.0.OH.Cer.2H LPE.a.C22.6 N.C14.1.Cer LPE.a.C22.6
  N.C8.0.OH.Cer N.C10.0.Cer N.C17.1.Cer.2H N.C10.0.Cer N.C12.0.Cer N.C19.1.Cer N.C12.0.Cer
  PG.aa.C32.0 N.C14.0.Cer N.C21.0.OH.Cer N.C14.0.Cer
   N.C16.1.Cer N.C14.0.Cer.2H.
   N.C21.0.OH.Cer.2H PG.aa.C34.0 N.C14.0.OH.Cer
   N.C25.0.Cer.2H. PG.aa.C36.3 N.C14.1.Cer
   N.C27.0.OH.Cer.2H   N.C15.0.OH.Cer
   PC.aa.C32.1   N.C21.0.OH.Cer
   PC.aa.C32.2   N.C23.0.Cer
   PC.aa.C34.1   N.C23.0.OH.Cer.2H.
   PC.aa.C34.2   N.C9.0.OH.Cer.2H.
   PC.aa.C34.3   PC.aa.C32.1
   PC.aa.C36.1   PC.aa.C34.2
   PC.aa.C36.2   PC.aa.C34.3
   PC.aa.C36.3   PC.aa.C36.2
   PC.aa.C36.4   PC.aa.C36.3
   PC.aa.C36.5   PC.aa.C36.4
   PC.aa.C38.3   PC.aa.C36.5
   PC.aa.C38.4   PC.aa.C38.3
   PC.aa.C38.5   PC.aa.C38.6
   PC.aa.C38.6   PC.aa.C40.6
   PC.aa.C40.6   PE.aa.C22.2   PS.aa.C42.1   SM.C16.1   SM.C18.1
   SM.C14.0   SM.C19.0
   SM.C16.1   SM.C21.0
   SM.C18.0   SM.C23.1
  1. Variables were analysed using mixed model analysis. Timepoint differences p < 0.05 were considered significantly different