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Table 5 Enrichment analysis based on the number of predicted functional partners of FGA indicated by STRING analysis

From: Fibrinogen production is enhanced in an in-vitro model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: an isolated risk factor for cardiovascular events?

GO term Description P-value FDR q-value Enrichment (N, B, n, b)
GO:0030168 Platelet activation 1.43E-05 1.96E-02 3.00 (33,11,8,8)
GO:0051592 Response to calcium ion 1.83E-04 1.26E-01 11.00 (33,3,3,3)
GO:0050817 Coagulation 3.02E-04 1.38E-01 1.55 (33,16,20,15)
GO:0007599 Chemostasis 3.02E-04 1.04E-01 1.55 (33,16,20,15)
GO:0007596 Blood coagulation 3.02E-04 8.30E-02 1.55 (33,16,20,15)
GO:0001775 Cell activation 4.88E-04 1.12E-01 2.36 (33,14,8,8)
GO:0006887 Exocytosis 5.88E-04 1.15E-01 2.89 (33,10,8,7)
GO:0002576 Platelet degranulation 5.88E-04 1.01E-01 2.89 (33,10,8,7)
GO:0032940 Secretion by cell 5.88E-04 8.96E-02 2.89 (33,10,8,7)
  1. Enrichment was calculated as (b/n) / (B/N), where N is the total number of partners including FGA; B is the total number of genes associated with a specific GO term; n is the number of genes in the STRING partner list, as ranked by confidence score or in the target set when appropriate b is the number of genes in the intersection.