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Table 1 Circulating lipid metabolites identified by non-targeted lipidomic analysis of each mammal

From: Comparison of circulating lipid profiles between fasting humans and three animal species used in preclinical studies: mice, rats and rabbits

Lipid types Ion mode Lipid classes Number
Phosphoglycerolipids Negative lysoPC 11
lysoPE 5
PC 45
ePC 19
PE 13
ePE 18
PI 11
Sphingolipids Negative SM 26
Cer 5
HexCer 5
Sul 3
Neutral lipids Positive DG 12
Ch/ChE 31
CoQ 2
   Total 206
  1. lysoPC lysophosphatidylcholine, lysoPE lysophosphatidylethanolamine, PC phosphatidylcholine, ePC ether-type phosphatidylcholine, PE phosphatidylethanolamine, ePE ether-type phosphatidylethanolamine, PI phosphatidylinositol, SM sphingomyelin, Cer ceramide, HexCer hexosylceramide, DG diacylglycerol, Ch/ChE cholesterol/cholesteryl ester, CoQ coenzyme Q