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Table 2 The information for three opioids used for dose conversion

From: Opioid doses required for pain management in lung cancer patients with different cholesterol levels: negative correlation between opioid doses and cholesterol levels

  Fentanyl Morphine sulfate Oxycodone hydrochloride
Formula Transdermal patch Controlled-release tablets Controlled-release tablets
Minimal dose 25 μg/h per patch 10 mg per tablet 5 mg per tablet
Initial dose 25 μg/h 30 mg/day 10 mg/day
Initial dose converted to oxycodone 10 mg/day 10 mg/day Not necessary
Initial dose equivalent to oxycodone 7.5 ~ 20 mg/day 10 ~ 20 mg/day Not necessary
  1. Basing on the NCCN guidelines and previous reports, doses of morphine and fentanyl in were converted to equivalent doses of oxycodone