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Table 1 Currently-known biological functions of miR-106b ~ 25 cluster

From: MiR-106b exhibits an anti-angiogenic function by inhibiting STAT3 expression in endothelial cells

microRNAs Biological function Target genes References
miR-93 Preventing the progression of diabetic nephropathy VEGF [22]
miR-106b ~ 25 Inhibiting cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis p21,Bim [15, 23]
miR-106b Impairing cellular cholesterol efflux and increasing the levels of secreted amyloid β ABCA1 [24]
miR-106b,93 Inhibiting brown adipocyte differentiation   [25]
miR-106b ~ 25 Inhibiting apoptosis and promoting tube formation PTEN [16]
miR-25 Suppressing Cdk inhibitors and promoting cell proliferation p57Kip2 [23]
miR-106b Inhibiting cell cycle arrest and promoting cell proliferation E2F1,E2F3 [26]
miR-106b Activating p73 apoptotic signaling in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia cells ITCH [27]
miR-106b Maintaining the structural homeostasis of developing lung epithelium MAPK14,STAT3 [17]
miR-93 Inducing embryonic stem cell differentiation STAT3 [28]