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Table 4 Feed and tocopherol intake and body weight of dams fed either a control or a CLA-supplemented dietd

From: Conjugated linoleic acid influences the metabolism of tocopherol in lactating rats but has little effect on tissue tocopherol concentrations in pups

  Week SEM P value
1 2 3 4 5 Treatment Time tr.*time
Feed intake, g/d     
 Control 21.7a 20.8a 21.9a 25.2b 43.2c 0.57 0.43 <0.001 0.25
 CLA 21.1a 20.4a 20.8a 26.5b 43.8c
Tocopherol intake, μmol/de     
 Control 3.18a 3.05a 3.21a 3.69b 6.33c 0.08 0.99 <0.001 0.40
 CLA 3.09a 2.99a 3.05a 3.88b 6.41c
Body weight, g     
 Control 258a 292b 286b 294b 289b 4.9 0.95 <0.001 0.75
 CLA 256a 293b 283b 289b 285b
  1. a-cMeans with superscripts without a common letter differ at P < 0.05. dValues are means, n = 12–14. Means with superscripts without a common letter differ at P < 0.05. Weeks 1–3: pregnancy, weeks 4–5: lactation; weight for week 3 is after delivery; tr., treatment. Data were analysed by two-way ANOVA with treatment, time and their interaction as fixed effects and animal as random effect
  2. esum of active α, δ- and γ-tocopherol considering conversion factors of 0.10 for γ-tocopherol and 0.03 for δ-tocopherol as compared to α-tocopherol (100 % active) [17]