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Fig. 2 | Lipids in Health and Disease

Fig. 2

From: Heterozygous connexin 50 mutation affects metabolic syndrome attributes in spontaneously hypertensive rat

Fig. 2

The cholesterol (panel a) and triacylglycerols (panel b) content in 20 lipoprotein subfractions in SHR (black bars), SHR-Dca+/− (grey bars) and SHR-Dca−/− (open bars) adult male rats. Data are expressed as mean ± SEM (n = 8/strain). Within the graph, the significance levels of the ANOVA for STRAIN as major factor are indicated as follows: * p < 0.05; p < 0.01; p < 0.001. Labels of fractions showing significant differences between strains are highlighted in red. The allocation of individual lipoprotein subfractions to major lipoprotein classes is shown in order of particle’s decreasing size from left to right. CM: chylomicron, VLDL: very low-density lipoprotein, LDL: low-density lipoprotein, HDL: high-density lipoprotein

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