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Table 8 Induction period of Moringa oleifera oil and some vegetable oils

From: Promising features of Moringa oleifera oil: recent updates and perspectives

Oil Type Induction period (Hours) Reference
MOO 42.56 after degumming [23]
MOO 72.56 crude oil [23]
PO 10.4 [52]
SBO 4.27 [56]
CO 5.84 [19]
SFO 3.51 [19]
WSO 3.82 [54]
CHO 1.32 [71]
WSO 4.1 [54]
  1. MOO Moringa oleifera Oil SFO: Sunflower Oil MKO: Mango Kernel Oil, CSO Cottonseed Oil, CHO Chia Seed Oil, SBO Soybean Oil, WSO Watermelon Seed Oil, LSO Lemon Seed Oil