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Fig. 4 | Lipids in Health and Disease

Fig. 4

From: The effects of detraining and training on adipose tissue lipid droplet in obese mice after chronic high-fat diet

Fig. 4

Expression level of proteins related to adipose tissue LD signaling pathway. Protein levels in the adipose tissue after training (a) and detraining (b) are presented. Values are presented mean ± SE. ND; Normal-diet + sedentary group, HF; High-fat diet + sedentary group, HFT; High-fat diet + Training group, HF-T; Training group after chronic HFD, HFT-DT; Detraining group after completion of regular exercise. * p < 0.05; Significant difference with ND group, # p < 0.05; Significant difference with HF group

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