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Fig. 3

From: Probing the intermolecular interactions of PPARγ-LBD with polyunsaturated fatty acids and their anti-inflammatory metabolites to infer most potential binding moieties

Fig. 3

All the 10 bioactive lipids were found to be docked within the three arms of the Ligand Binding Domain (LBD). All the ligands are represented as sticks with different colours (BRL: red, RsvE1: green, NPD1: sky blue, H-LA: pale green, DHA: light blue, LXA4: sand, GLA: orange, AA: pale yellow, AL: wheat, EPA: light pink, LA: aquamarine). ARM I (orange) involving four key residues (Tyr473, His323, His449, Ser289 and Tyr327) and AF-2 at the C-terminal end of LBD critical for co-activator binding pocket. ARM II (magenta) constitutes six residues (Met364, Ile281, Met348, Ile341 and Lys367) and ARM III (blue) with (Ala292, Leu333 & Ser342)

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