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Fig. 1 | Lipids in Health and Disease

Fig. 1

From: Relationship between non–high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and carotid atherosclerosis in normotensive and euglycemic Chinese middle-aged and elderly adults

Fig. 1

a Prevalence of carotid plaque across quartile of lipid levels in male subjects. TC: 2.65–4.15mmol/L 1st quartile; 4.17–4.69mmol/L 2nd quartile; 4.71–5.28mmol/L 3rd quartile; 5.29–8.84mmol/L 4th quartile. LDL-C: 1.05–2.27mmol/L 1st quartile; 2.28–2.69mmol/L 2nd quartile; 2.7–3.23mmol/L 3rd quartile; 3.24–6.65mmol/L 4th quartile. HDL-C: 0.21–1.12mmol/L 1st quartile; 1.13–1.3mmol/L 2nd quartile; 1.31–1.55mmol/L 3rd quartile; 1.56–4mmol/L 4th quartile. Non-HDL-C: 1.51–2.78mmol/L 1st quartile; 2.79–3.3mmol/L 2nd quartile; 3.31–3.94mmol/L 3rd quartile; 3.96–7.87mmol/L 4th quartile. b Prevalence of carotid plaque across quartile of lipid levels in female subjects. TC: 3.07–4.62mmol/L 1st quartile; 4.63–5.15mmol/L 2nd quartile; 5.16–5.73mmol/L 3rd quartile; 5.74–9.62mmol/L 4th quartile. LDL-C: 1.12–2.45mmol/L 1st quartile; 2.46–2.94mmol/L 2nd quartile; 2.95–3.47mmol/L 3rd quartile; 3.48–6.81mmol/L 4th quartile. HDL-C: 0.5–1.33mmol/L 1st quartile; 1.34–1.57mmol/L 2nd quartile; 1.58–1.85mmol/L 3rd quartile; 1.86–3.27mmol/L 4th quartile. Non-HDL-C: 1.45–2.98mmol/L 1st quartile; 2.99–3.56mmol/L 2nd quartile; 3.57–4.17mmol/L 3rd quartile; 4.18–8mmol/L 4th quartile

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