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Fig. 1

From: Characterization of skin function associated with obesity and specific correlation to local/systemic parameters in American women

Fig. 1

Analyses of epidermal function and redness. Capacitance as a parameter for water content in stratum corneum was measured by Corneometer. Values in the non-obesity group (NOB) and the obesity (OB) were presented by box-plot with 75th percentile (upper side), median (inner line), 25th percentile (lower side) and whisker lines (upper and bottom line) (a). Topography of skin surface structure was evaluated by VisioScan. Values for each parameter in the NOB and the OB were presented by radar graph with solid line and dashed line, respectively (b). Typical polarized light images acquired by VisioScan were shown (c). Facial images were acquired by Visia-CR and analyzed to evaluate redness (d). Typical hemoglobin images obtained by Visioscan were shown (e). *: p < 0.05, **: p < 0.01, ***: p < 0.001, compared between mean values in two groups

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